Paint Booth Maintenance by
Flawless Auto Finish


Some of The Benefits of Proper Paint Booth Maintenance

  • Increase the overall quality of paint work

  • Cleaner paint jobs, so your techs spend less time wet sanding & buffing

  • Cut material costs on rubbing compound, polish and sand paper

  • No need to stop production in the paint line, we offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience

  • Discounted package for follow up maintenance service

Platinum Package: Starting at $499

  • Removal of floor grates

  • Ceiling and floor filter removal

  • Sweep out pit and booth

  • Power wash floor, grates, walls and ceiling

  • Use of proper solvents for heavy over spray removal

  • Remove all over spray from light covers and windows

  • Remove water from pit

  • Install new floor and ceiling filters

  • Adjust booth pressure

*Package price reflects your shop supplying new filters for our technicians to install; Flawless Auto Finish supplying new filters will result in a price increase.


Additional Paint Booth Services Available

  • Protective booth coating application

  • Color daylight spectrum bulb replacement

  • Burner filter replacement & exhaust tower cleaning

  • Interior & exterior paint booth refinishing